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Monday, March 29, 2010

One Week Till Check-In

I have been anticipating next week for "99" days!  The time has finally arrived.  It feels so surreal.  I have been prepping for months for what I am about to embark on.  And now I find myself in the final stages of leaving.
Wow, I can't believe the emotions it is stirring up.  First of all, is everything done that needs to be done before I leave?  I hope so.  I do so much in a month it worries me to be gone so long.  I do believe I have everything set for my long trip away. 

That leaves 2 I am really not looking forward to what starts Tuesday.  I am quitting drinking coffee.  Reason being, no caffeine at Fitness Ridge.  That means Tuesday morning I will not be reaching for my coffee pot.  I will smell that coffee all week when my husband has his morning coffee, but I will pass.  I will more than likely get some headaches when I get to Fitness Ridge just because of the altitude.  I am not going to add caffeine withdrawals on top of it. 

Secondly, I need to finish my packing.  Truth is I started a few weeks ago.  I just need to add the last few things.  I am trying to relax about that part and am now concerned whether I have everything I need for packing. Usually when I go away I don't worry because I always have a car and can go pick it up at the store. This is different, I will have no car, although on Wednesdays, Fitness Ridge offers a ride to the local Target, so if I need to I can pick up things there.

I am pretty burnt out tonight because it was a very long day getting business stuff taken care of.  Although it was Sunday, I have only 6 days left to get things done so today was a work day.

I am filled with anxiety tonight, its absolutely horrible.  I don't think its the challenge of Fitness Ridge, but instead the challenge of saying goodbye to my family, home, friends, job and my adorable dogs for an entire month!
I want to say thank you to my followers, and how much I appreciate your support and comments.  I hope to keep you informed daily on my progress when I arrive next week at Biggest Losers Resort at Fitness Ridge.
Hope you have a great week and I will blog to you soon!


annelisewojo said...

Don't let the anxiety get you down. It's only 4 weeks. And think of what they'll be seeing when you return. Imagine how awesome it's going to be to hold them all in your arms when you return. 4 weeks is a long time but you've been preparing everyone, well, except maybe your dogs, about this for a long time..... especially yourself. You are ready for this. You've been working on that packing list for how long now? And the prepping for how long? Take a deep breath if feeling anxious and let it all go. I've ready you long enough to know how ready you truly are for this adventure. Your family, home, friends, job and dogs will all be there for you when you return.

Enjoy every breath, every moment and every pre, during and post trip thought. Make them count. Make them good. Replace anxiety with exhilaration! Stay strong!

Diana said...

My daughter went away this week for Spring break so I will only see her for one day before I depart for my four week stay at Fitness Ridge. I am already missing her much more than I normally would after her being gone for two days, knowing that essentially I will be away from her for five weeks. We will have to support each other not only in terms of our workouts at Fitness Ridge, but also to help us deal with our missing our kids. See you soon.

Stephany said...

I am sooo excited for you, I can not even imagine how much more excited I am going to be when I am the one going! I look forward to reading about your journey before, during, and after! I think FR might be "our Christmas morning". :)

Robbie Kelley said...

Just think Cat, 1 week from today we will be done with our 1st day at Fitness Ridge and probably be fast asleep in our beds instead of being up at midnight to read blogs and facebook. Can't wait and I feel your anxiety...I have it too!

KC said...

Wow how exciting! You have already done so good! I hope you have a great time.

clare rowley said...

I am so proud of you sis... Perhaps the Adrenalin rushing through your body will help to fill part of the void during your upcoming adventure.

I know writing has helped me with all of my time spent alone with travels, will you keep blogging there? We will all be with you in your pocket ;) cheering you on... I wish I could be there with you hiking the trails..

You are inspiring! Your strength and diligence to-date is testament to your character and I'm sure God will help with the pangs of those you love not being with you in body. You have spent most of your life in the service of taking care of the ones you leave in NJ... Now it's time for Cat..

I know they feel the same way, hence the gift. I look so forward to reading your blog during your time there... sounds like a book to me;)

I Love YOU~~~ my big sis....

PS... they say that dogs have no sense of time and once I stopped looking sad as I leave my Tinkerbell each trip, she doesn't seem anxious. I also read that it isn't good to talk to them over the phone during your absence. Once I stopped that, she lost most of her jittery behavior.. I'm sure you'll be receiving a wet-tongued welcome worth writing about when you return~!