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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Have you ever thought about the number 10 and it's true significance in life?  
It seems to be a very strong number.  

The first time we experience the number 10 is when we no longer live by a single
digit. And that took you 10 years of your life to achieve.
The next time you experienced the number 10 you said good-bye to your "teens" 
no doubt making you feel like a grown-up and feeling proud.
 After this point, the number 10 in it's significance to your age seems to lose its desire.  The next time you reach a 10 it seems you are getting old.  

But then you experience 10 when you have your wedding anniversary, making you feel proud that you survived your first 10 years of marriage.
 "Tin" is the 10 year gift of a marriage and is a symbol of how a successful marriage
needs to be flexible and durable and how it can be bent without being broken.
I think that says everything about our lives, and our lifestyles.

Life is about being flexible, and we know how durable our bodies are.
And if you have any doubt about the ability to be bent without being broken, just look at what we do to our bodies with the wrong food choices and avoiding exercise.

When losing weight, 10 is always the number to beat.  
I want to be in the 170's, saying goodbye to the 10 that equals the 180's.  
I have been fighting that 10 for 5 weeks. 
Every time I get on that scale I want to see that 7 appear after the 1.  
For 5 weeks straight I have been in that 10 status called the 180's!!
Now that I have typed that, I realize, how good that actually sounds.  
I have lost almost 10 pounds in 5 weeks!
                         If I could do that every month...heck that would be awesome!
                    Why am I so consumed with the numbers game?

 We all need to stop focusing on the numbers game and simply worry about eating right and staying active.  If we learn to eat right and stay active whenever possible,
the numbers will drop and our health will climb!!

We all have our own numbers to beat, mine may sound small to you, just know where ever you are in your weight loss, the getting to your goal comes with many gifts along the way:
1)You will hurt less as the weight comes off and your health will improve
2)You will be able to challenge yourself and have the gratification of being successful
3) You will find yourself fitting better in your clothes
4)Your appearance will show signs of weight loss
5)You will believe in yourself again
6) You will have to wear smaller clothes.

It doesn't matter if you have 300, 200, 100, or as little as 10 pounds to lose.  
We all feel the same way when we are in the journey of weight loss.  
We are disappointed in ourselves for letting ourselves go. 

I started my journey needing to lose, 60 pounds.  I am almost 20 pounds down.  
The rewards have been coming with each 10 pounds I lose.  
My first 10 pounds were just for me, no one said I looked smaller, 
but I knew I was downsizing and I was proud that I stuck it out. 
Now, people are noticing my weight loss.  
But really its not about them, its about ME, I want this for ME.  
We all can do it!  Never give up! 
I believe it is important to set small goals for yourself, along the way. 
I reached my March 15th goal, just shy of where I wanted to be. 
Will I reach my next goal?  
Maybe, maybe not. But I am trying, that is what counts.

Today was my weigh-in, it is week number 9.
Unfortunately, I didn't reach my new "10" on the scale.
The 180's remain below my feet.
I did however lose 9/10's of a pound this week.
Almost sounds ironic to me!

I am not discouraged, a little frustrated perhaps, but the number is still going down. 
So more significance of the number 10 for me.
I leave in 10 days for Fitness Ridge
I have one more weigh-in at home before I go, it will be my 10th week on my journey.
I believe the number on my 10th week will be in a new digit, the 170's.
 I may not reach my goal to lose 2.6 pounds in the next 10 days, but I am trying!!
That's what counts; not the number, the effort!

10 days and I will be making more changes, I am excited and scared, but I am in it for the win this time, and failure is just not an option!

See you in 10 days Fitness Ridge!!


Cathy Andersen said...

Cat Wow 17lbs in only 60ish days! Good For You! I get disciplined then let an erratic schedule knock me off a routine. I have to promise myself to be good to myself!! Congrats on your good work.

annelisewojo said...

Heck with the scale and that magic 10 you're waiting on! You know you are on the road to SUCCESS!
We all play the numbers game. I think that's ok though. It's what keeps us on track, keeps us accountable, gives us goals to strive for. As long as we don't let it dictate our success and failure completely. Or worse, derail us. Ugh!

I think the numbers game is fun. :) I mean we count calories in and out. We track our progress on the treadmill or whatever activity in terms of time, incline, weight, etc. We need those numbers to play our game. You're not the only one consumed with the numbers game!

1 2 3 4, 10, 20, 30 or more. What the heck are we fighting for? Ha. Dumb rhyme. We're fighting for our lives back. If the number game helps, then let's use it! If it's hurting, then forget about it and focus on what we know we need to move forward.

You're doing phenomenal! Keep it up! That magic 10 will be here, and then 10 more....You got this licked!

myesha said...

You are doing so well! Awesome post. See you in 10!!

Roxanne said...

My first goal was to get under 200 before Fitness Ridge. Set that way back in December. Can't remember exactly when I met that goal, but fluctuated for weeks around 197-199. Last week the scale said 198. This Tuesday it said 194! I think I just beat my first plateau.

Our bodies want to hang on to our fat. We need to stick it out until it's ready to let it go again. So you've been hanging there for several weeks. I think your body is getting ready for a big dump of excess fat. And I bet if you used a measuring tape instead of a scale you'd have seen losses the whole time. It's what kept me going when the scale didn't move, the tape did!

see you in a month.

Kay said...

You're going to have such an amazing experience! I am so proud of you and can't wait to hear about your your best, take each moment for what it is and you'll never wonder "what if?"

Dee Dee said...

Cat, even though we've never met in person, I love reading your posts both here on your journal as well as on FB! Maybe someday we can really meet. I love your blog! It's awesome. You write it well and have great little artworks going on too!

I can't wait to hear from you after you get to FR! I'll be keeping up with you as I know you'll do great! Keep up the great work and I'm proud of you!

Dee Dee from Florida ... :)