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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Getting Ready to head out....and new goal number???

Well, the clock is tickin' and the time is comin'.  I leave in 22 days for Fitness Ridge.  I have been so fixated on my trip, my kids are sick of hearing about it!  I can't stop myself, I am so excited and terrified all wrapped up in one.  With 3 weeks left, I am trying to get everything I need for the trip so I don't forget anything.  Being gone a month is a long time! Usually when I travel I say if I forget something I will pick it up when I get where I am going,
But I will have no vehicle to get me to the store so I want to be prepared.  After being on Fitness Ridge website and reading many blogs I have compiled my list.  And have purchased most things:
Neosporin ointment
Blister bandaids
Toothpaste & toothbrush
Shampoo & conditioner
Purex Sheets
Bleach pin
Duct tape
Cell phone also my mp3 player
Extra battery for my cell phone and a portable battery charger
Surge protector due to lack of plugs
Travel blo dryer, the ones at FR are weak
Powder for chaffing
Knee brace (heaven forbid I would need 2 at the same time)
Sewing Kit
Camelback aka Hydration Back (I bought a Coleman 2L)
Anti Friction cream
Icy Hot Roll on
Advil PM
Vitamin I aka Ibruprofen
Over the door holder
Laundry bag
2 bathing suits
Pool Shoes
8 pairs of workout shorts
8 pairs of capris
Lots and lots of shirts
Sports bras
Regular bras
2 pairs of sneakers, 1 for hiking (I bought Adidas Response Trail 16) 1 for indoor cardio
Rain jacket & poncho
Anti-Blister Socks (I bought Wrights)

I am prepared to take 2 suitcases weighing in under 50 pounds each. 

If you are heading to Fitness Ridge or have been there and you can think of anything I forgot, please let me know!!

Okay so, my goal weight was to lose 17.5 pounds by the Rock n Roll Inductions this coming Monday.  I missed my goal slightly.  I am now placing my new goal for April 4th.  Drum roll.....I want to be 20 pounds lighter by my weigh in.  So, I need to lose about 4 pounds in 3 weeks.  Pretty doable.  If I lose more...yippee!
I will shoot for more, but I am keeping it real.  I will be actually shooting for 175 by weigh-in.  If I accomplish that I will be 22.8 pounds on April 4th.  I will be happy with either weight. 

PS I intend to enjoy Monday nights Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Ceremonies being fed by the Waldorf Astoria and drinking more wine than I should! lol  I will however, be passing up any desserts they serve as I gave that up for lent.  Also, the morning after usually starts with room service eating naughty things.  I will be passing that up and instead head to the gym for a workout before the Dr Oz Show. (I hope anyway??)

Well this blog should be my last till after the Dr Oz Show on Tuesday, hope you have a wonderful weekend, make it count!


Sabine said...

I enjoy your blog.
My comments for your list...I think you have far too many clothes. I know April can be iffy with the weather (I was there last APril) but I was fine with less than half of what you plan to bring. Not sure what you mean with anti friction cream. What I bring is a body glide stick (which may be similar to your cream).
And I think the hairdryers are just fine. Most people never get around to drying their hair anyway. Enhoy the weekend and Monday of course. And good luck at the Ridge.Sabine

Leslie said...

Hi Cat, great list! I don't know if you have any foot pain, but I was planning on bringing a golf ball to roll my feet to alleviate pain/tension. However, when I was shoe shopping the other day (STILL haven't found trail shoes that work for me) I bought a foot wheel that will do the job nicely. I walk around barefoot most of the day so my feet/arches are in poor shape. Just FYI in case you have any similar type of foot pain...a golf ball will do the trick.

justpeachie said...

Sure you were planning on taking sun glasses but you might write them downn so you don't forget at the last minute. I also would have to take a sweat band or sun visor if I were going. Looks like you are well prepared. Jerica took all the foot stuff and has ended up wearing her same tennis shoes for everything and hasn't had any sign of a blister in 3 weeks. I think it must just depend on your feet & shoe fit. Have a great trip. Paulette

KC said...

How exciting! I have heard everyone say to bring athletic wrap or duct tape. I saw some this wrap at Sports Authority but opted for purple duct tape from Walmart. Have fun on Monday!

Jo-Anne said...

I agree with don't need that much and the laundry facilities are great. This is a VERY casual resort. Also, they have laundry baskets in your room, so you probably won't need a laundry bag. The ball idea for your foot is great. I have plantar on one foot that flares at the worst times. A tennis ball may feel better than a golf ball...maybe take one of each and see if it feels better. I did have a foot massage while there and it was AMAZING. Have a great trip and enjoy the induction awards.

Cat Cee Stands for Chez said...

Thanks all for the info, looks like I am well equipped for my trip, and I may have forgotten my sunglasses if I wasn't reminded by Paulette. PS Paulette, if you read this again, your daughter looks like she is having a blast!!
Again thanks for the info!!

JulieLeyden said...

I thought of a few more things...Shaving cream and razors, goggles for the pool (if you like them)...and quarters for the W/D.

myesha said...

You are so prepared!! Way to go. I may just use your list for my own packing. =) I too was going to remind you to bring quarters. I hear they have them at the front desk, but having a roll in your purse is a good idea.

I know you will hit your goal in the next three weeks. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

annelisewojo said...

I'm excited for you Cat. Can't wait to read about your experience once finally there. You will totally make your goals. I have faith. You have conviction. Enjoy the Oz show and R&R Hall of Fame Ceremonies. It all sounds like a blast.