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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good Times Were My Reward!

January seems ages ago to me now.  It was back then that I had set my goal on "This week".  The day I set my goal I thought, no way is it going to happen, but maybe I will be close to that weight.  Turns out I was so close to my goal weight that I didn't notice it wasn't achieved.  My rewards were abounding.  It was the first time in some years that I felt good about my appearance.  I am a far cry from where I want to be, my goal is another 40 pounds.  But to be able to walk the
same floor that Meryl Streep was walking, Michael Douglas crossed and so many amazing Rock n Rollers were on and to feel "in place"...well that was my reward.  I had no one to thank but me, and for the first time in my life I really knew that.   This is not to say I don't owe some credit to my friends, family and even you the followers of my blog, I thank you all.  You have been encouraging with your words, comments and acknowledgments.  But I really just feel like patting myself on the back, because in the end, without my personal commitment, it never would have come to be.  (Pictured above, Meryl Streep and friend)  (Pictured to the left) The finale at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Inductions at the Waldorf Astoria.  Featured in this picture are Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra, Rob Thomas, Ronnie Spector, Peter Wolf, Chris Issak, Fefe Dobson, Eric Burdon.  I had an awesome night, hanging with many old friends and hanging with some new friends.  Maroon 5 were super awesome and had me dancing with them throughout the night.  I wanted a picture with them, but the night didn't call for it, and in the end, FUSE actually taped us all dancing together.  (check for the RnR inductions on FUSE channel - they always rerun the show a lot)

CBS Orchestra Horns:
Left to right
Tom "Bones" Malone, Trombone
Alan Chez, Trumpet
Bruce Kapler, Saxophone
Inductee, Iggy Pop of The Stooges singing with Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day rockin it!

Faith Hill singing "Winner Takes It All" 

Jimmy Cliff and
the CBS Orchestra horns

 The Hollies & Maroon 5

   Chris Isaak singing
   "Don't Be Cruel"

  Rob Thomas sings
  "Save the Last Dance For Me"

Band wives:
Cathy Shaffer
Cat Chez
Sally Malone
Cynthia McGinnis

Felicia Collins
Cat Chez

To see all my pictures from RnR Inductions, go to my Facebook page photo link below:!/album.php?aid=7258&id=100000736533375&ref=mf

Lastly, before leaving NYC on Tuesday, 2 of my 4 daughters came to the city and met me for the Dr. Oz show (airing in a few weeks).  We were VIP guest of the show and received front row seats.  My daughter, Michelle will be featured doing the hoola to get Dr Oz' attention on the "Ask Dr Oz" segment of the show.  After the show we were invited back to meet Dr Oz in person, super nice staff and amazing man, Dr Oz!  He was really concerned about my daughters question and hooked her up with a specialist.  It was a great time.  When Dr Oz found out I was a karaoke DJ he told me he was considering having karaoke at his 50th birthday this summer and wanted my card.  All in all it was a great 2 days in the city.  

In conclusion, I skipped the desert at the Induction Ceremonies, but opted for a few glasses of wine.  Took the skin off the chicken, and stayed within my calorie count.  Tuesday, before the Dr Oz show, I walked to the show (much shorter walk than anticipated) I walked the stairs every chance I could. (lots of times actually) Had a fiber one bar & nectarine for breakfast, a NYC breakfast on the go.  Had a veggie burger for lunch, and opted for wheat bread instead of the bun, ate only one piece of the bread to boot.  Came home, ate a light dinner.  Still managed to burn 2200 calories for the day.  It goes to show you can have a great time, and not lose sight of the prize...permanent weight loss!

"Getting healthy happens a day at a time, there is no race to the finish line.  Just do what you can to live healthy today".  Dr Oz

Thanks for reading and encouraging me as always....Cat Chez


JulieLeyden said...

Looks like you had a grand night! So much fun!! It was great to hear that you also started on your journey in Jan, so did I. And you have 40 more pounds to too! So cool! We will do it!! So proud of you, hearing how well you ate on your trip to the city! Such an inspiration!! :D Excellent blog! Enjoying your journey as always!
PS I also got to go to a dinner with Michael Douglas (quite a few years back)when he was honored by the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles! Those events are exciting!

ALAN CHEZ said...

You looked fab. LIKE A ROCK STAR....

the husband

Stephany said...

I watched the ENTIRE show! I was trying to spot you in the crowd. : ) Saw your husband, the band did a great job. The Finale was amazing!
Keep up the GREAT work!!

Cat Cee Stands for Chez said...

True Julie, Thanks Alan, I love you!! And Steph, They showed me dancing with Maroon 5 at the tables. Had no idea till I played back my Tivo and my daughter pointed it out lol.

ultramichelle said...

Oh my in my old days I was caught making out with Iggy Pop and my husband still makes fun of me it was about 20 yrs ago but he was still old then. Very funny times. Looks like you had a blast.