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Monday, May 3, 2010

Viva Las Vegas!

(pictured me on the far right, my first week at Fitness Ridge)

This is my last blog entry for my Countdown to Biggest Loser Resort.  The only one that will follow will be my new link to my new blog that continues my healthy journey.  Working on the new name for my blog, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated?  We all don't get to go to the Biggest Loser Resort, and those that did still have to continue what they learned when they get home.  I hope to have my new blog guide me and those that want to follow through the perils of my persistence to good health.

I arrived in Las Vegas around 5:30pm on Friday night, greeted by my two sisters, two nieces and my mom.  All their jaws dropped when I jumped off the shuttle.  It is funny because when you are at Fitness Ridge the room mirrors are only from the sink up, and the gym mirrors are a little distorted so you really have no idea what you look like.  The camera shots for the most part make you look bigger than you really are.  The revelation comes when you stand in front of an "honest mirror".  As posted earlier I went shopping and was tearfully surprised to see my much smaller body.  So when I arrived in Las Vegas, mirrors suddenly were my best friend instead of my worst enemy.

I was super excited to start my night with a cup of coffee.  It wasn't as good as Starbucks or my coffee at home, but it was delightful either way.  I ended up getting a suite with 2 queen beds at the Pallazo hotel connected to the Venetian Hotel.  We all fit comfortably in the room.  It was a little scary joining the real world and all it's temptations once again.  My sister Terry brought me a bottle of wine and we all drank to my great success.  Apart of me wasn't worried about the wine or the dinner I would be having.

Dinner was a hodge podge of appetizers.  We had chicken lettuce wraps, Ahi Tuna and vegetable rolls.  Everything was low in fat and processed carbs.  I had a modest amount, as one thing I really am taking home from Fitness Ridge is the portion sizes.  Dinner was super enjoyable!  There is a lot to be said about eating food that is good for you, because it makes you happy!  I bought a book that has that quote in it and it really is true.  You know the food is good for your body, there is no guilt - only pride that you are doing right for your body.

I hit $500.00 on a slot machine in about 5 minutes while waiting for my mom to use a restroom.  We went to a shop and I fell in love with a denim jacket, and bought it with my winnings.  It is cute and "small" and I looked good in it!  More rewards for my weight loss!

We woke up on Saturday and I said I wanted to go to the gym and workout.  My nieces wanted to lounge by the pool.  My sister Clare stayed with my nieces while my mom and sister Terry went to the gym and worked out.  They have a 40 foot rock wall, and for the first time in my life I felt I could do it!  So I booked a climb and got it done!  It was a challenge but I succeeded straight to the top with ZERO FEAR!

We ate both breakfast and lunch in the spa area of the Venetian, where breakfast was oatmeal and lunch was Quinoa salad and hummus.  I was in heaven being there all day and having all the right foods at my disposal.

At dinner time we headed another casino where I had Ahi tuna with wasabi mashed potatoes.  I didn't finish anything on my plate but the asparagus.   I once again used portion control. Following dinner my family dropped me off at the airport where I reflected on an awesome 24 hours in Las Vegas.  I was confident about going home and weighing in on my own scale.

I weighed in at home and since my first blog entry in January I have lost a total of 30.5 pounds.  I have lost 4 pant sizes.  And will be going through my closet because I don't fit in 90% of the clothes in there anymore.  My husband says I have never looked better and thinks I am a perfect weight.  I on the other hand know I want to lose another 20 pounds or so I am ready to venture forward on this new path to continued weight loss followed by maintenance.


JulieLeyden said...

So many people are so proud of you Cat! It was a neat experience sharing your entire journey from beginning to ... I was going to say end, but there really isn't one, is there? Healthy living is a life choice! One I'm glad you made and I am right behind you with mine! Thanks for all your encouragements and doses of wisdom along the way... Enjoyed every word! Good Luck with your future endeavors!
~Julie Leyden
PS~I am looking forward to your new blog and your daughters as well, please share! THNX! :D

Karin said...

Thank you so much for your inspiration and thoughts. Following your journey has been very helpful to me as I continue on my own.

Good luck!

Stephany said...

You look awesome! As I start to pack for my upcoming trip in two weeks, anything I need to add or delete from your previous packing list?

myesha said...

Congratulations on all of your successes...and Much of that success has nothing to do with the scale. You have done an amazing job taking care of yourself, making changes, and being an inspiration to those around you. GREAT WORK!

Linda said...

Cat, YOU are such an inspiration! It is so appropriate that you would have a nice, fast win on the slots AND complete the climbing wall, that is just so great. I have no doubt that you will reach every goal that you have set for yourself and then some! Can't wait to see how your journey continues!